Bruce is a professor at a local college, teaching mostly Western Civilization, but one class on Geology. He's a very fitting teacher for the geology class, as he is also the president of the local chapter of a national speleological organization. He heads up the monthly chapter meeting, and helps to make arrangements for things like caving trips, surveys, grafitti cleanings, and cave rescue missions. He's very easygoing, with a large sense of humor and a good outlook on most things in general. If you can't laugh you cry, right? His wife is very different from him, though. She's very serious, a lawyer who delves deeply into politics every time elections come around. But he doesn't let her seriousness get to him all that much. They balance each other out quite well actually, and after a few skirmishes about the bringing up of their first son, William, they didn't even have that much trouble raising him or the two kids that came after. The only major downfall in Bruces life in recent years is the condition of his left knee. During a caving trip a few years ago, he quickly stepped out to rescue a large and unexperienced man from falling to his doom, only to have the man fall back on him, causing Bruce himself to fall backwards and land ackwardly, snapping his knee. After surgery and therapy, he's a lot better, and can still go caving with the best of them...but still walks with a slight limp every time the weather starts to get bad.