Virginia always hated being blonde when she was in high school. It wasn't the color of the hair itself, it was the way blondes were portrayed. Blonde jokes and all that. . .and she was intelligent, dammit, and didn't want to be grouped into a category with those bimbos! After high school she kinda got over that, though. For awhile she was in doubt about what to do as a career. Maybe some sort of science...but she always loved animals, especially cats, so in the end it was natural for her to want to go into a field that revolved around them. It was a good choice, as she does very well at her job as keeper of the big cats at the local zoo. She's always been fascinated by mythical creatures as well, and ever since she was a little girl and her dad would tell her wonderful stories of far off places and magical happenings, she's had a secret wish that it were all true. That's probably why she adapted so easily to the thought of two people from a different time coming to live with her.