All in all, Shelleys had it pretty easy. She was born into a pretty rich family. Her father owned a bank, and her mother was the queen of shopping sprees (who taught Shelley all she knows about fashion, style, and credit cards). All Shelley ever wanted to be was a writer, and it wasn't too hard for her to get into the business, with her uncle on her fathers side owning a large publishing company. Her mother still insisted that she go to college though, so she decided to make an appearance there for a semester or two. While she was there, she learned an entirely new way of life, and decided that it was like "roughing it" and that she liked it. Nobody she met had a maid or anything, and they all seemed pretty happy. Why, she could do that! Maybe it was time to move out on her own! Unfortunately, her parents threatened to cut her allowance in half if she moved out, so she had to find a roommate. She was in luck though, for a girl in her English class had just been left a house by her great aunt, and was looking for someone to help pay the bills.