Nobody knows anything about him. Not where he came from, how old he is, or why he was travelling in the first place. He just showed up in the village one day, and stuck around, always wearing that brown cloak of his. Of course on the outside he seemed to be the epitomy of goodness and friendliness, and in fact he fooled most of the people in the village. But Verne noticed something odd about him, and started to tail him from a distance. And of course what he found wasn't good...Soveliss seemed to get something out of being cruel. And the meaner he was, the more pleasure he seemed to get out of it. Verne never did get a chance to ask him why, though...before he could, Soveliss disposed of both Verne and his sister...and when the seal of the chamber where they were entombed was aeons later entered by an unknowing caver, they woke up to find themselves in the strangest situation they could possibly imagine. What happened to Soveliss after he did this to them though? Historical records don't go back that far, so nobody knows but he himself.