Verne was born into a time much different than the one in which he now resides, so it took him awhile to get used to the way things work here. Between him and his sister Felosial, he was always the rational one, thourougly thinking things through before taking action. He was quite popular in the village for quite a different reason than his sister. While she was popular mainly because of her fun personality, talents, and humor, he was well liked by creatures and people alike because he was caring, a good listener, and just about the best advice-giver around. He would always stop to help someone in need; for example, one night when he was about 17 he was outside watching the stars (a favorite hobby of his) and heard a faint rattling noise. Verne turned to look toward the noise, and saw a poisonous serpent laying about five feet away, with a gash in it's tail. The village healer was out gathering supplies at the time so Verne, undaunted by the poisons dripping from the snakes fangs, made an herbal bandage for it, and stayed by its side until it got well.