Ever since he was a little boy, Will's dad taught him about caves and the importance of caving safely when they would go out on their monthly expiditions to explore caverns unknown. Stemming from his love of those caving trips, Will developed a love of all physical activity, and joined several sports teams while he was in school. Now he works at the rock climbing section of a local physical fitness center, trying to save up enough money to start off his own sports equipment store. Personality-wise, Will's always had a good (if a bit naughty sometimes) sense of humor, but not much imagination. He'll sit through a sci-fi or fantasy movie, but doesn't really care for them that much. And aside from sports (and the occasional car) magazines, he doesn't do much reading either. He always tries to be polite, respectful, and prompt...although there have ben a few situations in his life that he's been anything but the "good citizen." His first time voting, for example. While in the queue to get into the voting booth, he got into a good natured political conversation with the man in line behind him, and it nearly ended in a fistfight.