Do people generally guess your age to be younger, older, or exactly right?
When I was younger they always thought that I was older, but around my late teens I suppose I kinda stopped aging, because now everyone thinks that I'm younger than I really am (I'm actually 25).

Are you running for President?
Why yes, I'm actually one of the main candidates in disguise...not telling you which one, though.

Will you ever have children?
Certainly not.

Come on, Kat, do you want our species to go extinct?
*Eyeroll* I don't think we have to worry about that just because I'm not gonna have any kids.

Seriously though, what is your problem with children?
*Shrug* Actually, I don't know...I've just never been much of a 'kid' person.

You are scared of babies?
Well...kinda. They're ugly, and they do kinda creep me out. I definitely keep my distance whenever one's in the room.

What's your favorite part of Hobby Lobby?
Ooh, the whole store! I suppose it's a three-way tie between the drawing/painting supplies, yarn, and beads though.

What's more fun, cast or crew for plays/musicals?
Both! But if I had to pick one over the other, I suppose I'd go with cast.

Do you like classical music?
Yes, I do. I actually have a pretty eclectic taste in music.

Salty or sugary snacks?
This is another 'both' answer. I love munching on some Cheez-Its or Gardettos, but I also always have to have some kind of candy in the house.

Which do you prefer; LOTR or Harry Potter?
Although I love LotR, I'm sorta a Harry Potter Fangirl.

Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella?
If we're talking the Disney versions, Beauty and the Beast for sure! It's one of my all time favorites. However, if we're talking the classic fairytales in their original form...well, it's been awhile since I've read either one, so I'm not sure which I prefer.

Shower or bath?
Although a nice long bath is relaxing every once in awhile, I generally prefer a shower.

Math or science?
Science, definitely! I never could understand math over the level of basic addition and multiplication, but I've actually considered a career in some sort of science field.

How long is "forever"?
Ya know, I really like this question; it's nice and philosophyish. Maybe 'forever' means 'until death.' It could mean the end of this (or any other) universe (if there is an end), or it could mean 'a really long time.' Maybe there isn't an answer.

What was your first job?
My first job away from home (I used to help my mom with the woodcarving supply business from the house) was as a tour guide in a commercial cave (which was, believe it or not, located in the middle of an amusement park).

What is your favorite Moulin Rouge song?
The medley that the two main characters sing atop the elephant. After that, it's 'One Day I'll fly Away.'

If you could be any farm animal, what would you be?
Farm animal, eh? A barn-cat, I suppose.

What is your favorite swear word?
Well, lately I kinda like a phrase that I heard in an episode of 'Potter Puppet Pals.' It goes a little something like this: "Your grandmother is a blast-ended skank!"

If you could pick another era to live in, when would it be?
Really, if I had a time machine, I'd visit all of them! :D I've always had a special interest in ancient Egypt though (I even started learning hieroglyphics in high school...don't remember why I stopped). Or ancient Greece. Always loved that one too.

At this point I'd like to thank everyone on the forums for writing this batch of questions for me to use. Apologies if anyone who wrote a specific one they wanted answered that didn't get picked (turns out there were way more than I'd thought there were, so I whittled it down to twenty).